Good News Stories

Meet the Leaders being developed across Asia-Pacific

  • Myanmar - Sometimes the gift of 'being' outweighs what we 'do' for others


    Langham Preacher Training 'grows up' as the team of local leaders take the programme further - without any input needed from Westerners. Kiwi volunteers Phil and Anthea Fairbrass were there in November to celebrate the growth with Sein Kyi (pictured) and his team. Phil shares: Our love affair with the Myanmar people really began when in 2005 Anthea saw an email from Leadership De.. Read more

  • Philippines - Contextual Commentaries bring Hope in Hard Places


    When typhoon Haiyan destroyed a large city in the Philippines in 2013, a five-year-old girl asked her parents why God had allowed the storm to happen. We could ask the same of the recent earthquake in Indonesia, or any one of the many horrific and traumatic disasters across Asia-Pacific. “Thankfully, her question and her pain have a place in the presence of God,” said Rico Vil.. Read more

  • South Asia - Does the World need another Higher Degree?


    Talk to Havilah Dharamraj and she’ll tell you that South Asia certainly does. Of course she’d say that – she’s the Academic Dean of India’s leading evangelical Theological institution for post-graduate study! But Havilah’s not just toeing the party line; she has some very good reasons for believing that higher degrees are not simply academic notch.. Read more

  • Myanmar - The path of a servant leader


    When asked what his role as principal of Myanmar’s top Christian tertiary training agency requires, CK Hrang Tiam gives a list of responsibilities and daily tasks. As he talks, however, it is obvious that becoming and being an effective leader of MEGST* has and does require much more than routine efficiency – above all, humility and a willingness to serve God by serving others. W.. Read more

  • Pakistan - Leaders develop their theology amidst oppression


    In a country where Christians must walk very carefully because of the Muslim majority, a new training programme is building competencies in church leaders to lead in an informed way: carefully, critically and contextually. ‘Contextually’ is key, according to Amjad Masih, student in the new Masters in Theology (MTh) programme at Zarephath Bible Seminary (ZBS) in Pakistan.. Read more

  • Indonesia – Preaching training that starts with the person


    In 2012 a young lecturer from the Bandung Theological Seminary – Dwi Maria Handayani – sat in her local church with a growing dissatisfaction with the preaching she was hearing, finding it – in her words – “haphazard, and sometimes not even Biblical.” She was also a lay-preacher in her church and wanted to be the change. She found within h.. Read more

  • South Asia - Scattering seeds to the grassroots


    Johnson Raih, PhD student in Homiletics and a right hand man to Paul Windsor at SAIACS (South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies) in Bangalore shares a few snippets in his own words about his involvement in Langham Preaching. How did Jesus find you? Jesus found me on my sick bed. I was 16 and living far from home at a boarding school. After a week of sick.. Read more

  • Bangladesh - Life-long learning and miracles for a Leader


    Ask Champa Barmon, librarian at College of Christian Theology Bangladesh (CCTB), for one word to sum up her life journey, and she responds with “miracles”. At different points from her birth through to her present leadership role, she has sensed God has been at work in very special ways for her. Champa’s birth was difficult – and she arrived safely only after family me.. Read more

  • Myanmar - Bridging the language resource gap


    “Even though we’re teaching English, we are training people for mission.” In May LeaDev-Langham’s ESOL volunteers returned to New Zealand from their 13th Summer English School (SES) in Yangon, Myanmar. Working within MEGST (Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology), the ESOL team is headed up by co-ordinator Bronwyn Schick. Her passion fo.. Read more

  • Papua New Guinea - Bringing contextually relevant and Biblically accurate truth


    “Instead of allowing our beliefs to influence scripture, we need to allow scripture to influence our beliefs,” emphasises George Mombi, from Christian Leaders’ Training College, PNG, currently working on his Ph.D at Otago University, Dunedin. Prior to studying George had an apostolic role with Christian Leaders Training College (CLTC) in PNG. He spent some.. Read more

  • Myanmar - PhD research restores God’s place for Christian women


    We all dream about being part of something beyond ourselves. One of the joys of serving God in His Kingdom, is knowing that as we do play our part – however seemingly small – He is able to take that and multiply it far beyond what we could ever do on our own. We are very excited to share in this story how God lines up the right person, in the right place, at the right time. On .. Read more

  • Myanmar - Bridging the gap between calling and confidence


    “I currently run three ministries and feel that God is speaking to me to start a fourth business-ministry on a national level this year,” says Dwe Nan of Yangon, emerging Christian leader, and mum to 35 children (two by birth, the rest adopted). At 36 years, Dwe Nan is a grass-roots leader who keeps looking for ways to be the difference in her community and netw.. Read more

  • Indonesia - “Our little congregation was a light in a very dark region.”


    The words of Rev Lamri, who graduated from Tyrannus Bible Seminary (TBS) in 2004. He’s what we call a ‘Radical Disciple’; the kind of leaders the church in Asia Pacific needs as it grows rapidly in spite of extreme poverty and pressure. Rev Lamri tells his own story: “God granted me the privilege of studying theology at the Tyrannus Bible Seminary (TBS). .. Read more

  • Syria - Schools of harmony and safety for young women


    Sylvia*, Martine* and Diane* are three young women who have gone from living comfortably in homes in their own country, to living in tents in a foreign country. They have lost everything familiar to them; life has been completely recalibrated. For all three future hope is "pinned" on a sewing school which started in September in the Bekaa Valley. Harmony is the name of the second school .. Read more

  • Asia-Pacific - Books that do not collect dust


    “If you have a book in our language (context), you have Christ in our culture.” So says Rahul, who works to equip the church throughout northern India, as part of a team led by Finny Philip, one of the contributors to the South Asia Bible Commentary (SABC). Finny heads up a training institution in Udaipur which sends students to plant churches and help equip rural leader.. Read more

  • North West Myanmar - More library, more learning & more leaders


    Eight years ago independent and uncooperative Bible schools in Kalaymyo, next to Chin State, set aside their tribal and denominational differences to collaborate in their leadership training ventures. They established the Kalaymyo Consortium of Bible Colleges (KCBC) and out of that has developed the Kalaymyo Christian Resource Centre (KCRC). Today the KCRC is the regional go-to venue.. Read more

  • India, PNG and Myanmar - A mission for retirement: supporting leadership development.


    For most Kiwis, retirement is about retreating to the bach to grow tomatoes, watching the sun set over a good pinot, and taking sojourns to Auckland to spend time with the grandkids. Not so Rod and Denise* Edwards. “Opportunity to live in Asia challenged us. Two years in an ordinary Filipino neighbourhood exposed us to Asian perspectives; it was to shape our retirement,” they s.. Read more

  • Myanmar - Programme Evaluation of MEGST shows that 83% of Alumni are in ministry


    During 2016, Phase 1 of the Programme Evaluation Project (PEP) of MEGST (Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology), LeaDev-Langham’s Partner School in Yangon, gathered data and perceptions regarding the effectiveness of their programmes. Research included identifying and measuring the impact that Alumni, between the years of 1998 and 2015, have had in their churche.. Read more

  • Papua New Guinea - Building leadership development capacity


    Meet Maxon Mani and George Mombi, two leaders from Christian Leaders Training College (CLTC) who are helping to build the church in PNG, Melanesia and Pasifika. CLTC is giving leaders from across PNG the opportunity to study the Word of God at a Masters level and develop their leadership capacity within their own context. In 2015 CLTC celebrated 50 years serving as the major English .. Read more

  • Myanmar - Proposing a spiritual revolution of non-violence


    LeaDev-Langham’s first Langham Scholar financially supported by Langham Partnership NZ, and studying in New Zealand, has completed his PhD dissertation. Meet Aung Htoo, a lecturer from MEGST (Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology) in Yangon, who has spent the last five years at Laidlaw College in Auckland, researching, writing and taking a deep look into a theology of no.. Read more

  • Syria - Sewing torn lives back together


    What do you do when you’re a young, widowed mother, with limited education, no home and no money to buy food for your children? You get sewing of course! Well that’s what the young Syrian widows of the tent towns in the Bekaa Valley, near Zahleh in Lebanon are doing. Meet Mara* who is facilitating the development of a grass roots collective of widows who are taking up their embroi.. Read more

  • Myanmar - Serious about mission in a new democracy


    I’m not a serious man,” declares Aung Mang, a Burmese follower of Jesus who is currently ministering across New Zealand as the guest of LeaDev-Langham. With a twinkle in his eye, and a smile constantly pulling at the edge of his mouth, his statement is quite believable. Aung very obviously does not take himself seriously, and it’s his ease with this that mak.. Read more

  • Sri Lanka - Planting a church in a drug rehab centre


    Nanda* studied at Colombo Theological Seminary (CTS), one of LeaDev-Langham’s Partner Schools in Sri Lanka. She tells her own story of how the Lord has led her to start Bible studies and ministry for the families connected with a drug rehab centre, and how what she has learned at CTS has been of tremendous value: “I was 19 years old when I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviou.. Read more

  • Myanmar - A new Bible for new times


    Imagine wanting to read the Bible, but the only version available is in unfamiliar, outdated language. You have no additional helps whatsoever. Not a single cross-reference in the text. Not a footnote. Not a sentence of introduction. Just the biblical text. In old language. Meet Jacob Mung, who five years ago felt prompted to start preparing a study version of the Burmese Bible, which now with.. Read more

  • India - Passionate researcher’s personal library collection helps students


    Recently Robert Frykenberg, Professor Emeritus of History & South Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin, and a committed Christian, donated the vast bulk of his unique personal library collection, specialising in Asian history, to the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) in Bangalore, India, in a gesture to support Indian students. The shipping and logistics were ar.. Read more

  • Indonesia - No education, electricity or piped water, but desperate to preach God’s Word


    In inaccessible rural Indonesia, a young Langham preacher has passed on what he has learnt to 18 others, and started the area’s first school. When we think about studying God’s Word, and learning how to share it with others, many of us may think of this as a ‘nice to have’ – certainly not as important as food, water, electricity and education. Not so for the Pedri.. Read more

  • Syria - Esther: Showing practical love in the name of Jesus


    A courageous woman talks about her daily call to minister in very dangerous conditions. Each morning in Lebanon, when ‘Esther’ leaves her house and heads for the white refugee tent settlements in the Beqaa Valley, she does not know how her day will turn out. She does not know who she will help, how she will help them, or even whether she will come home to her husband and child that.. Read more

  • Nepal - Generous Kiwi Christians provide roofing for a devastated rural village


    “The village thanks all of you donors for your kindness for providing the funds for the tin roofing sheets they received today.” These are the words of Dr Ramesh Katry, Principal of The Association for Theological Education in Nepal, reporting from rural Koshidekha Village after generous donations were made to the earthquake relief efforts. When the earthquake hit Nepal, we.. Read more

  • Syria - War-torn devastation: a Kiwi bloke who went to have a look, and came back changed


    LeaDev-Langham’s Finance Manager John Corban (/team) talks about his life-changing experience of meeting Syrian refugees Last month, I travelled to the UK. A Langham Partnership colleague insisted I come and visit him, and my country of ancestry – Lebanon. I agreed (how ‘cool’ to discover my roots) and set off for Zahle, a city 40 km west of the Syrian border, unaware t.. Read more

  • Myanmar - A sponsorship for one young leader provides home and hope for orphaned children


    My name is Mang Mang and I live in Yangon, Myanmar, in a small apartment with my wife and young son, and twenty-one orphaned boys. Over one million children in Myanmar are orphaned or abandoned; many are dumped by parents who cannot afford to keep them. You can be a part of the solution for my country. In Myanmar, we have a terrible problem; over one million babies and children are orphan.. Read more