Bridging the Resource Gap

Church leaders may have a Bible in their own language, but it’s not a given. In most cases contextual poverty means they have limited access to practical tools and learning resources to help them understand, interpret and deepen their understanding of scripture.  

Leaders – of all ages and stages – are supplied with a wide range of crucial learning resources which effectively bridge the gap for them between poverty and potential, calling and confidence. 

From New Zealand we bridge the gap by providing resources in three main areas:

Literature & IT

Campus Development 

Organisational Development & Volunteer Support

Rahul, church planter, India

“If you have a book in our language (context), you have Christ in our culture.”

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How you can help

Your gift bridges the gap for leaders like Rahul, providing them with crucial resources, venues and organisational support so that they can effectively learn the skills of Christian leadership and then move on to enable the fast-growing Church.