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ANNOUNCEMENT: 30th September 2019 - LeaDev-Langham appoints new Executive Director

The Board of LeaDev-Langham has announced the appointment of a new Executive Director to succeed founding Executive Director, Tony Plews, who is taking on a new role with the organisation from next year.
At Tony’s request in 2015 the LDL Board initiated a succession process, which has brought us to this point.

Russell Thorp will become Executive Director on 1 April next year. At that time, Tony Plews will assume the role of Associate Director, Special Projects.
Dr Paul Windsor, former LeaDev board member, and Programme Director, Langham Preaching, now based in South Asia, has warmly supported Russell’s appointment, saying, “As a kindred spirit with an easy empathy with the Langham ethos, vision, and mission, I am sure that Russell will quickly make a vital contribution to this developing ministry.

Russell brings a wealth of mission experience to the role from his previous position as Mission Director Global Connections in Mission (GC3), a position he has held for 8 years. Prior to taking up his current role, he was Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Carey Baptist College in Auckland, and prior to that, a senior lecturer at Pathways Bible and Mission College.
Russell holds a Master of Theology degree from Laidlaw College.
In addition to his professional expertise, Russell has significant leadership and community experience. He currently chairs the NZ Christian Leaders Training College (CLTC) Advisory Board, and the CLTC academic Advisory Board. He also has first-hand practical experience working with LeaDev-Langham in an advising, consulting, and training capacity Myanmar.
Russell told the LeaDev-Langham Board: “I value connecting the narrative and values of donors with the narrative and values of recipients so that God’s work expands, and He is glorified in the process.”
LeaDev-Langham Chairman Denis Browne said that the Board is delighted to welcome Russell into this pivotal role. “Tony has done an excellent job for 24 years. After extensive searching and much prayer, we are delighted that Russell has agreed to assume the role of Executive Director. His impressive background and experience will help us enormously as we look to meet the growing demand for our support throughout the Asia-Pacific region.”
Russell is married with four adult children. He is very much looking forward to taking up this significant role. “I value God’s Word as life giving Truth. I highly value Majority World Leaders being encouraged and equipped. I value being strategic with financial support, in terms of what will grow the people of God. I believe in sustainable mission. This role fits perfectly with my core values and commitment to living God’s call on my life.”

Denis Browne

If you would like more information on Russell and future plans for LeaDev-Langham under his leadership, please contact Denis Browne, Chairman

Theologians Without Borders 

website is now live

TWB was established to assist theological education individuals and institutions globally more fully integrate their activities and efforts across the ‘Western’ / ‘non-western’ geopolitical regions of the world, based on values of equity, mutuality, partnership, and reciprocity.  TWB is an independent charitable organization, which collaborates with the OC Network, the Langham Network, the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education [ICETE], and other agencies and networks where there is a vision, mission and values match. 

We are excited to announce the release of the Theologians Without Borders website, click the link below to have a look:

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Operation World  “Leadership development is the crucial bottleneck to Church growth. There is a worldwide lack of men and women truly called of God and deeply taught in the Scriptures to lead the churches … Those who accurately and effectively expound the Scriptures are few, especially in areas where the churches are growing rapidly.” Operation World 2010 p17