Compassionate Action

Leaders living and ministering in contexts of poverty and pressure have few – if any – financial reserves in the event disaster strikes. If an earthquake, tsunami, fatal disease or war hits their area, it is impossible for Partner Schools to carry on with ‘study as usual’ in the midst of chaos, trauma and grief.  

Existing ministry partners are supplied with development aid in the event their geographic area is hit with a disaster of significant proportions. This enables them to bring profoundly practical leadership to their communities by being the ‘hands and feet’ of Jesus.


Humanitarian Development International (HDI)  alongside Leadership Development and Langham Partnership.

Myanmar: Rakhine State refugees

They need our help! Right now hundreds of refugee children and their families are being supported by our partners - leaders in Myanmar - with rice, medicines, clothes, blankets and mosquito nets

How you can help

Your gift cares!  Your gift enables leaders to take compassionate action and bring the practical love of Jesus to children, families and others in their community who are suffering as a result of a sudden disaster.

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